Types of Stucco

Modern Stucco is used as an excellent exterior cement plaster wall covering that maintains high durability & weather resistance qualities while preserving a classy and aesthetic appeal. While Traditional Stucco siding has been utilized for hundreds of years with synthetic stucco systems being introduced in the 1950s.

Traditional stucco siding is made of a mixture of Portland Cement, sand, lime, and water. A three coat mixture is applied over a lath base or a synthetic mesh, and a final acrylic finish is applied. The benefit of Acrylic finish is that it has integral color, meaning there is no painting required and can be maintained with pressure wash cleaning as required. Given the flexibility of acrylic finish it is proven to have lesser potential of cracking.

Conventional Stucco

Conventional Stucco

Conventional Stucco

Stucco has been the most common form of siding installation. The method involves spreading the stucco mixture over a wood lath or a wire. The stucco offers an acrylic polymer like finish. It also expands and contracts according to the weather conditions, making it an ideal finish for places with extreme weather conditions like Canada.

The expansive ability of traditional stucco also keeps cracks to the minimum. As a result, traditional stucco can easily last for 50-60 years. Similarly, it doesn’t absorb as much water as synthetic stucco. Most importantly, it fares well against all the nature elements. It holds up better against woodpeckers, hails and dings etc. Many different varieties of traditional stucco are available in the market. It is fire resist and provides a great barrier to sound.

It is pertinent to note that stucco is far superior to common clapboard or wood siding. All types of stuccos offer boundless possibilities in decoration and design. It also helps you prevent any water damage as well as cracks and seals in the walls. It is very much maintenance free and inexpensive as well.

Not everything is perfect with stucco though. For instance, it has tendency to become oversaturated. It is very brittle and not ideal for the places where ground is prone to shifting. Similarly, tiny hairline cracks can develop on stucco over the years but you can easily cover them using elastomeric sealant.

It is always better to contact professional stucco contractors to discuss whether traditional or modern stucco is best for your home or business.

A Wide Variety of Textures & Colors

There are a wide range of choices for textures and colors to ensure a distinctive finish for your project. Stucco installation can be a tedious job and must be installed as per the weather conditions in Canada consequently why clients choose to utilize a professional contractor to ensure the best quality work. Plast-All is a trusted name known for the best quality work whether a large scale commercial building or a simple home renovation project, we can help.

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