Parging Similar to Stucco, Parging is a finishing process applied to enhance appearance that uses a masonry-based mortar rather than a stucco mixture. This coating is typically applied to above surface grade concrete foundation walls of a home or building. Parging is mainly a means to create an aesthetic appeal to cover any surface imperfections that may be present in a concrete or concrete-block surface. Parging can be completed on new or existing walls and can be applied to various types of surfaces whether foundations, columns, vertical surfaces, walls, brick, stone, and concrete. Parging remains as an economical solution to aesthetically improving masonry surfaces.

Parge coatings: Cement & Acrylic.

Cement parging typically follows a factory premixed formula and is sold in bags where additives can be added to enhance adhesion and bonding characteristics while also making it easier to handle. The composition is called a Type N Mortar which is composed of Portland Cement, Sand, and Lime and is sold in various per-colored mixes.

Acrylic Coating is a multi-coat system where an initial base coat is composed of a combination of Portland Cement, liquid acrylic and a fiberglass armature. A finish coat is applied after composing of 100% acrylic past applied with a hand trowel. Acrylic coats are available in a wide range of coloursh and have varying textures dependent on the aggregate mix used. These coatings typically result in a high quality finish that had good adhesion, durability, flexibility and sealed waterproof qualities. They are idea for northern weather conditions where de-icing salts are used but are typically more expensive than cement mixes.

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  • Parging on New Surfaces including foundations, walls, columns and other masonry surfaces
  • Cement and Acrylic Based Parging
  • Demo and Removal of Parging
  • Parging Crack Repairs
  • Repair of Damaged Parging
  • Parging Refinishing

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