What is Masonry?

Masonry The process of building structures from individual units that are generally laid in and bound with each other by mortar is called ‘masonry’. The units themselves also can be referred to as masonry. Bricks and other building stones like granite, marble, travertine, limestone, cast stone, concrete block, glass block and cob are the common materials used for masonry construction. It is a highly durable form of construction that is subjective to the materials being used, the quality of workmanship, quality of mortar and the pattern in which units are assembled. The durability of the overall masonry construction is crucially affected by these factors. An individual who is involved in this process is called a bricklayer or a mason.

Its Advantages

Masonry has significant advantages. Firstly, the materials that are used in it like stones and bricks can substantially increase the thermal mass of a building, protecting it from fire. Secondly, the products of masonry are non-combustible. Its walls are also more resistant to projectiles like debris from tornadoes or hurricanes. Its cost benefits, life safety and mold resistance features make it the ideal form of construction. Masonry constructions are done fast and they last!

Its Disadvantages

Under certain extreme weather conditions, masonry constructions can degrade as a result of contractions and expansions forces that are linked to freeze-thaw cycles. They also have to be built upon robust foundations, like reinforced concrete so that ruins from cracking and settling can be avoided. As a result masonry constructions also tend to be heavy. Masonry constructions also require more skilled labor rather than stick-farming and also do not tend well to automation. Its components are also loose with low tolerance to oscillations like that of other materials like wood, plastic, metals and etc.

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